Mae Muller – Frankly

Tuesday, December 6, 2022


One artist who looks set to take the world by storm next year is Mae Muller who has already proven herself to be an eclectic song writer and natural vocalist. Her previous tracks struck a chord with her audience and today she’s dropped her EP Frankly that looks at the outdated phrase ‘boys will be boys’ and lists the behaviour that boys get away with on a daily basis with no punishment or karma going there way.

The first track subject tackles something that most girls can relate to, when a guy won’t get the hint that you’re not interest in the slightest. Busy Tone approaches this issue through humorous lyrics that, sadly, many people will be able to relate to. Merge this with a production that has a reggae tinge to it along with an irresistible hook and you’ve got an reggae infused pop banger that is both relatable and a joy to sing along to.

Next up we have the luscious Side Piece featuring the softer and more sultry side of Muller’s vocals with her airy tone coming out in full force. The track shows that Muller is not mad about what guys can get away with, in fact she’s says she’s fine with it but wants girls to be able to do the same as she explains, there are so many songs from the men’s point of view okaying a ‘side chick’ and I just thought, why can’t girls sing about that too? I think there’s this view that all women get really emotionally attached whenever we get intimate with someone, when really, some of us just wanna have a bit of fun on the side too! It works both ways.”

Read is one of those tracks I can easily envision myself dancing to in the middle of the club and singing along to like no one is watching. Despite though the track actually shows Muller’s vulnerable side with the lyrics focusing on how she’s been hurt in the past and how she doesn’t want to play games. She’s upfront and honest about what’s happened to her in the past and, unfortunately, she if left with the brunt of the dramatic aftermath from the guy.

The finale track sees Muller open up to us by putting her heart on her sleeve in this emotionally enthralling track. With a stripped back production creating an intimate atmosphere we are able to focus on the captivating tender side of Muller’s vocal that makes you believe every single word she is singing about her standing up for her personal beliefs in Maybe. This song is really important to me because it’s when I’m showing complete vulnerability, which I don’t do very often.” Muller explains. “It’s the admittance of actually needing love in amongst all the self-pride that makes me who I am.

This EP is certain to make waves as it is a stunning piece of work. Mae Muller focuses on subjects that are relatable and approaches them with humorous, honest and hopeful lyrics unlike any other artist. Mae Muller is certainly one to watch in 2019.

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