ill peach – HEAVYWEIGHT


Have you ever felt like Atlas, bearing the weight of the heavens on your shoulders, feeling like at any moment you could collapse but continue anyway, and no matter what happens you stand unmoving. We all go through moments like this in our life, whether it being struck by grief, struggling to make ends meet, or experiencing a pain so deep that no one can even see you suffering at this point. This feeling is difficult to put down into words, which is why I’m captivated by the lyrics on display in ill peach’s latest single HEAVYWEIGHT.

The single is a visceral gut punch. Providing a cathartic release to all those suffering this pain, their voice is an outstretch hand lifting the weight of the world off your shoulders for a few moments of relief. Only for it to be lowered again, but this time you’ve got someone there to bare this suffering with you. The stirring delivery is a euphony to your ears, touching apart of your soul you thought was locked off but is now bursting open, allowing the tension to be gone. You have to sit with the heaviness of life in order to feel the joy again, and ill peach describe that struggle perfectly. They’re heavyweight musicians through and through, hitting you with emotional sucker punches.

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