sfven – fingers through my hair


We often soundtrack our lives with songs from a time we want to relive over again. Whether it be graduating from university and hearing Take That’s single Greatest Day playing in the background as you high five your tutors, or Ed Sheeran’s Perfect playing during your first slow dance, we all experience moments where we relate songs to a memory. The Derby born musician Sfven has a different approach to this however, instead writing a song to soundtrack an intimate moment between two people. Capturing the start of a romance and the feelings that bubble up as a result.

Fingers through my hair was never designed to be a big soaring love ballad ala Celine Dion, it was made to be quiet. In a world filled with big gestures of love recorded with the hopes of going viral or impressing your friends and family, this is for the moments that go unnoticed. The little hand squeezes in the middle of crammed city centre, bringing them their coffee before work, moments of silence where everything is said with no words, all of these are translated through sfven’s elegant single. His enigmatic storytelling draws you into this world, letting you relive the nostalgia of falling in love for the first time again. You get all of this and more through one listen. That’s how powerful he is.

He embraces intimacy in it’s purest form and captures the euphoria of love in the process.

“I wrote this song about the feeling of falling for someone. I don’t really know what much else to say about this one. I wanted to make a song that felt like an intimate moment between two people. capture some form of nostalgia that you feel at the very start of a romance.”

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