Hyejin – Sabotage

Entering 2023 means we’re just getting closer to the release of Hyejin’s debut EP “What A Shame!”. As 2022 came to a close we were given a collection of singles including “I’ve Seen This Movie Before”, “Stay”, and now her latest and focal track of this article “Sabotage”. Everything about Hyejin’s style is feminine, dreamy, and powerful, “Sabotage” brings all these qualities to the forefront. Writing from personal experience, this may be one of her most honest and raw pieces to date. 

Hyejin’s writing style comes both from storytelling through characters that she fabricates as a form of escapism and glimpses into personal traumas. This particular track is vulnerable and all too relatable. The story details a relationship lacking fulfilment and romance, a situation where each person is being used without any genuine connection. Also facing her own fears of intimacy and inability to commit. 

The production is mysterious and daunting, it’s darker than her previous works, evoking feelings of villainy. The track is both emotional and powerful, it has a strong feminine edge. Although the single has all these strong storylines and themes, it’s still an easy listen, something you chill and vibe to late at night. The story being told in Hyejin’s EP is building track by track and this is another piece to the puzzle. 

The opposing duality of “I’ve Seen This Movie Before” and “Sabotage” start creating deep anticipation for the full EP. I can’t wait to see what other tracks will be placed into the collection and help to develop the full story. Follow along with Hyejin’s musical journey and keep an eye out for the EP release in February of this year!

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