When it comes to creating an empowering pop track is confidence and Blithe has that in abundance. She’s already proven she’s a big hitter in the world of pop with her previous tracks Mission and Bad Habit getting 10’s across the board from fans and music critics all around the world.

Work It Out is an optimistic anthem about how no matter how terrible things are you can fix that, if you really want to. It’s great to see a pop track focusing on something positive rather than the brooding darks tracks that are released on a daily basis. The uplifting meaning behind the tracks translates into the positive nature behind the track with the infectious synths, jocular guitar riff, peppy vocals and a hook that you’ll be singing out loud for many days to come.

This is a feel good anthem that will get you through rough times and will help put a smile back your face. Blithe is certainly an artist to keep an eye on and a future popstar for sure.

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