Los Angeles based pop icon CAPPA never disappoints with her self-assured brand of electro pop that has often left us singing and dancing along to her infectious melodies. This feeling has obviously been felt by a lot of people as her tracks have been played in Urban Outfitters and H&M stores across the globe.

Her latest track certainly packs a punch with Sux being CAPPA’s most confident yet with empowering lyrics about her most recent break-up and how she came out through the other side. The break-up anthem has the sassy and somewhat bitter vocals of CAPPA leading the way with a vibrant and energetic synths that contrast the vocals perfectly to create a punchy dynamic that makes the track ridiculously addictive.

This track is sure to be loved by all CAPPA fans and if you want to get into this upcoming pop icon then I highly recommend checking out her entire discography. It’s filled with nothing but bangers.

“This song is about a recent breakup I went through. It’s very honest and I didn’t want to sugarcoat it. It was a rough situation and I was really angry but I wanted the song to show coming out on the other side of it. Even though it’s a little bitter it takes an empowering stance.” – CAPPA

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