With every single release Kelsy Karter is turning into more and more of a rock goddess. She’s previously blown us away with her track God Knows I’ve Tried, a classic rock ballad about her apologising for her rebellious past, and continues this fine form with her latest release Catch Me If You Can.

Honestly, it’s our favourite track of hers to date with the infectious melody that comes with an energetic and punchy production that is radio ready and I can easily see myself belting this out in my car when it comes on the radio. Karter’s signature soulful and empowering vocals, that are reminiscent of the legendary Amy Winehouse, lead the track whilst adding that bite and sass we’ve come to expect from her music.

Although the uplifting production makes you think it’s a jubilant song, the track actually focuses on the time Karter killed a man… we’re not joking. She wrote this on her birthday from an experience where she broke up with her boyfriend and he told her that he died inside… ouch.

Kelsy Karter is a big name to watch in 2019. Each release is proving that she is a force to be reckoned with and someone you should not take lightly.

“Catch Me If You Can is about that time I killed the love of my life. I broke up with my boyfriend and he told me that he died inside. I I destroyed someone I love very much. And it took me back to that feeling I described in “God Knows I’ve Tried”. Where I’m always painted as the bad girl. I felt like a criminal. Never in my life had I wanted to runaway in my rocket ship to Mars more than that day. Sammy Witte and I wrote this on my birthday and it’s become one of my favorites off of my record.” – Kelsy Karter

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