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When you first start falling in love with someone it feels like nothing else on this planet matters, the love begins to consume you and it’s rare you find yourself not thinking about that person during the day or the night. It’s can be a good feeling and it can be a bad one which why the London based singer songwriter WILDES latest single Let You Go is so spellbinding because it manages to both chill and warm your heart.

“Let You Go is about the intense, obsessive love that you first feel at the start of a relationship,” explains Ella Walker, the woman behind WILDES. “It’s intoxicating, as if every part of your being is infected (for better or for worse), by this person. You can’t stop thinking about them. They’re on your mind morning, noon and night, and then suddenly you enter that dangerous pedestal territory… and love transcends in to obsession.”

Lyrically this track is pure poetry with every word speaking straight to your heart and hitting you with this tidal wave of emotion that simultaneously transports you to a whole new world and has you reaching for the tissues. The production builds throughout with starting off with an intimately tender atmosphere before building into a grand emotional climax that is something quite special to behold. WILDES never disappoints and this is a prime example of this.

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