When you live in the city you’re consistently surrounded by people be it on the tube, at work or just walking through the streets. Even with all these people around though it can sometimes feel like the loneliest place in the world, like you’re isolated from the world around you and you think it might be time to look for greener pastures. That’s what the subject of Scottish trio Liimo’s latest single Thinking About It is based on and man do some of those lyrics really hit home.

There are moments when living in a big city can be quite isolating and it can feel like you’d rather be anywhere else,” the band’s frontman Kieran explains. “That’s where ‘Thinking About It’ comes from to be honest, those times when it feels as though the lights don’t shine as bright anymore and you’re tempted to pick up and leave, to find a little slice of paradise someplace new.”

Their signature retro pop sound is still ever present throughout the single with the whole song feeling like it’s come straight out of a John Hughes movie. Lyricisms diving into the hardships of living in the city, dreams looking like they won’t become a reality, thinking you’ve been lied to about city living and just feeling alone in this modern metropolis that all will connect with a lot of people. Combine all that with their luscious melodies and addictive hooks and you’ve got further proof that Liimo are one of Scotland’s best upcoming musical talents.

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