Yeovil born rapper and singer Luke Lorenz is known for creating music that is an honest reflection of his views on society from a teenagers perspective. He’s already demonstrated his ability to spin a lyrical tale through tracks like Fatherless and Heartbeat but today he dives into the feelings of a teenager navigating the complexity of the modern world around them today through his single Tomb.

It’s quite an interesting take on how the news these days has an effect on the youth of today with Lorenz saying, “the idea of being non-existent or left alone is more attractive than living and trying to achieve happiness with so much doom and gloom surrounding the individual.” The production is more minimalistic compared to other rap tracks with only these emotionally evocative synths being used throughout the track with the main focus being on the passionate vocal display from Lorenz with each note oozing nothing but emotion, resulting in a honest and captivating single.

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