Luca Rossi – Rise


Love often has an expiration date, sometimes we’ll love someone for the rest of our lives and feel complete by just being near them, but other times the love begins to fade. It’s a sad thing but Luca Rossi’s latest cinematically inclined single Rise effortlessly explores this subject in a beautiful way but also offers a positive message of self empowerment after the love has faded away.

The production of this track is simply out of this world with the cinematic synths creating this emotionally nostalgic atmosphere that is only heightened further my the poetically poignant lyrics. Rossi’s vocal has this honesty to it that makes the story here feel all the more real, it’s like an old friend has come to you in the middle of the night and is just telling you the pain they’ve been going through. This whole piece just feels like it belongs at the end of a movie with a beautifully bittersweet ending, honestly the track is just divine.


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