Dyer – Tightrope

Emerging alternative pop artist Dyer is slowly beginning to make a name for herself with the Texan’s candid lyricisms mixed with her darkly toned brooding soundscape and emotionally evocative vocal creating enthralling pieces of music. Her debut track Seventh Heaven was something I could easily see being played at pre-drinks or small parties in the UK with the thumping bass beat and addictive hooks getting me in a dancing mood, but her follow up track Tightrope is on another level.

There’s a grand sense of drama throughout the piece, the enigmatic beats launch the piece into a frenzy as the ferocious synths build up the theatrical nature as her passionate vocal soars effortlessly above it all. Throughout you’re enthralled by what she is offering but it’s the lyrics that make this track for me. They’re captivating in every way shape and form as they detail how anxiety is a constant feeling of walking on a tightrope and the emotion they carry is utterly sublime.

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