toast – pls don’t waste my time

Toast started off as a mere side project during high school for Marcus Hidalgo but as time has gone on that side project as become something much more with his sound reaching hundreds upon thousands of fans across the globe with his raw authentic lyricisms and insatiable hooks that will have you crying out for more before the tracks even ended. He keep continuously coming out with exceptional pieces of music and today is no different as he unveils his latest track pls don’t waste my time to the world.

The track fuses genres together with a killer trap production comprised of distorted beats, dreamy guitar melodies during the bridge and hard-hitting synths mixed with some killer pop hooks that wouldn’t feel too out of place in a top 40 hit and a lo-fi charm that is hard not to love. There’s just something so authentic and real about his sound as well as his clever storytelling lyricisms that makes his music stand out amongst the crowd in a way that is unrivalled in the industry right now. He’s strikingly unique and someone who you’re gonna want to keep an eye on.

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