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STORME has what I would define as a truly cinematic sound, almost every time they release a new single I sit there and think about how perfect it would be in any movie or TV show, which kind of explains why they’re going to be featuring on the ITV1 show The Bay’s soundtrack early next year. Their latest offering however is an empowering and unequivocal single called Queen that came about from a day that their lead singer would rather forget.

Queen is inspired by the worst day of my life,” lead singer Amanda Liedberg explains. “I realized I’d suffered enough, my eyes were dry and I was ready to walk away from a toxic relationship. With this song, I could let my frustration out – but also regain my power. It’s a sort of goodbye letter, with a twist.

The single has a truly momentous feel with the verses starting off like a tender whisper representing how low she felt when she was in this relationship before going to the chorus where she takes back control and, as Liedberg said, regains her power. The hook of tribal like chants in the chorus that instantaneously get stuck in your head are addictive with the hard hitting 80’s inspired synths building that empowering atmosphere behind it. Vocally the song is dripping with emotion with her voice telling a story effortlessly with the production behind it offering an empathetic atmosphere to enhance it further. Give this track a spin for sure!


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