There are hundreds upon thousands of songs written about moving to Los Angeles where people hope that their dreams will soon become reality. On the flip side though, there’s not many songs about moving away from the city of angels but that’s exactly why The Bergamot’s latest single L.A. is so unique with its message and delivery. It doesn’t focus on the people who’re going to become big superstars of the future, it focuses on the everyday man as they begin to embark on a new adventure away from this place.

There’s a somber tone throughout the song that reflects the overall mood someone would feel when having to move on from somewhere and the lyric beautifully show this, “Elle left L.A. this was never the plan / She’s hoping for a life living out there on the road / She was hoping for something new ‘cuz she was growing old / So she’s moving on.” The harmonies are simply outstanding with them being reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac in their prime and when you combine all of that with a cinematically shot music video and you’ve got something special.

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