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There are certain artists who when you listen to them you just know that if they were releasing their music in another era they would be a global superstar and I get that feel every time I listen to RALPH. Her 80’s/90’s inspired sound is ridiculously infectious and will get your foot tapping along to the luscious melodies, just listen to her latest single No Muss No Fuss if you want to experience this yourself.

Throughout her silky smooth vocal dances over the 90’s house styled production that has a sensationally addictive groove that comes to life during the chorus and lyric that cheekily brush her ex off her shoulder. It’s one of those songs that if it’s played at any club or party you know you’re going to begin dancing along to it without a care in the world, which make sense as well considering the music features RALPH herself dancing with nothing but confidence. Get down to this groove right now!

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