We all have an angel and devil on our shoulders that often cause an inner conflict within ourselves. It’s apart of being human and but the internal fight we have never has a true winner and it’s only our head that makes us think of there is this inner conflict. Luckily we’ve got artists like Chela who’s written an optimistic and uplifting pop single called Heart O’ Hearts to remind us about this.

“I wrote this song about inner conflict resolution, the good vs. the evil, the positive voice in one ear reckoning with the negative on the other side,” Chela explains. “It’s a mantra for quieting down the dark side of yourself.” 

Straight from the start the buoyancy of the production offer an infectious rhythm that makes you want to sway along to the melody and effortlessly puts a smile on your face with Chela’s energetic pop vocals only adding to this further. The hook instantly gets stuck in your head and the lyrics offer an honest and cautious reminder of how sometimes we need to silence our mind when we feel like the whole world is yelling at us.

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