Devon Again – Suburbia


Back in 2020, the 20 year old musician Devon Again showcased her vocal talents on Tik Tok, leading to multiple viral moments and her developing a cult like fanbase who are no doubt ecstatic, overjoyed, jubilant and just about any word that means happy today as she unveils her debut single. Keeping in line with her eccentric and magnetic personality, Suburbia is the type of debut you’d hear on the radio and think it came from a pop veteran, someone who’s had countless hits and received a plethora of awards. Yeah this pop debut is just that good. The personality she injects into every release makes her music all the more infectious, easily bringing a smile onto even the sourest of people’s faces. It doesn’t stop there though, because the buoyant production matches her vocal beat for beat to make the track utterly irresistible. Honestly, if you’re looking for a new musical obsession then you just need Devon Again.

The narrative draws from a hypothetical love affair Devon has crafted within her mind, creating a small cinematic universe for this suburban drama to live in with the tongue-in-cheek music video bringing that to life. The brightly toned world she lives in makes the loved up elements feel so joyous, but when we move inside her mind towards the end we begin to see the effect it’s having on her. Not being able to hold the person you love, especially when they’re with someone else, often hurts but she manages to capture that with the joy of just being in love.

This debut is pop at it’s best, I have no doubt I will being playing Devon Again and again and again and again.

I wish there was some spicy back story to this song, but the chorus was really just a shower thought I had upon some brief reflection of a crush I had on a girl a couple years back who was very much not available. The song loosely follows me and my hypothetical suburban lover through our affair. The main theme throughout the song is being upset that she doesn’t love me the way she loves her husband. I want to be the person she comes home to, but instead I go directly to her home and leave when she’s done with me :(. This song was so fun to write and I’m so excited to get to share it!!!

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