Jake Wesley Rogers – Modern Love

If you’ve ever wanted music that makes you feel something, nothing in particular, but simply makes you feel alive, be it the good or the bad side of it, then Jake Wesley Rogers is the artist for you. The young musician’s music shines a light on the queer experience whilst highlighting the highs and lows we all experience throughout life. He takes you on mesmerising journeys that leave us thunderstruck by the awe we see on display, all whilst wrapping it up in anthemic productions that produce high levels of drama and charisma that Sir Elton John would be proud of. He’s a true artist and his latest drop will leave you speechless yet again.

In a few months time Modern Love will end up being one lucky couples First Dance after marriage. The piece shows the highs and lows of love, going from a fire that burns through the night with the ignited passion on display, to the latter part of the relationship 10 years in the future where you enter a slow burn. His lyrics tell a story, but so does the production. We go from a somber opening with quiet melodies to a chorus that is bursting with pride, unashamedly belting your love out from the top of the rooftops as you look at your partner whilst realising why you feel for them all over again. Love is love, but Jake Wesley Rogers music is the sound of it.

“I wrote ‘Modern Love’ after my then-boyfriend and I went to see a psychic in New Orleans and she said we were going to get married. As a queer person I’ve never fit into this picture, but I also don’t think most people do.”

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