Trousdale – This Is It


Trousdale had me hooked from the second I heard Wouldn’t Come Back earlier this year. The gossamer harmonies, heartfelt vocals, enchantingly haunting soundscape that was reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac in their Rumours era and poetic lyrics that Taylor Swift would be jealous of, genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if she gets this trio to open for her when she tours with Folklore and Evermore, all combined made this trio a constant in my rotation. Whilst their emotive numbers with an intimate production where their sisterhood trickled through into their authentic storytelling was what introduced me to their music, it’s their feel good follow up that made me consider whether or not I should start a stan account.

Unbridled joy cascades out of This Is It like a waterfall, euphoric guitar melodies combined with happy go lucky vocals crooning lyrics about jubilant memories with lifelong friends is serotonin personified. It’s the perfect fusion of modern Americana with a pop undertone, never trying to disguise itself as a track with a deep personal meaning, just a feel-good anthem about the good times spent with friends. Those late nights camping out under the stars by a warm campfire, getting drunk in the middle of nowhere just for the thrill of it, long car trips into the unknown, every single one of those memories is wrapped in this smile inducing track. Even the music video makes you wish you were apart of this bands friendship, hell they might even inspire you to grab a camera and make your own memory filled summer video with this song as your soundtrack.

“’This Is It’ is our friendship anthem. It was born out of how much fun we were having just talking sh*t, drinking beers, and laughing with each other. We couldn’t believe how some of life’s best moments are so simple. By the time we got home, Lauren had sent a voice memo of the chorus to what has now become ‘This Is It.’”

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