Canadian musicians have really been hitting it out of the park this year with artists like Anna Sofia being one of the country’s most exciting young musicians in recent history. Although she is young at Anna Sofia has the songwriting capabilities of someone well beyond her years with her lyrics offering a cathartic experience for all who listen to her deliver these poetically beautiful words.

Meaner Girl was her strikingly candid debut that had this wonderfully laidback bedroom pop sound mixed with these lyrics that have a deeply personal edge to them that makes this whole affair feel more relatable as a result. Then we got I Try which is filled with these lusciously honey ladened guitar melodies and a chorus of alluring croons that cemented her as an artist to keep an eye on. Then her final track of the year for her was No Fun which added this funky groove and 90’s style flair to her sound that had been on my heavy rotation list ever since it was released.

Anna Sofia has had a 2019 that most artists would only dream of and I fully believe her 2020 is going to be even better and could see her breakout and become the latest young music icon. Check out her music below!

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