The debut song of an artist is the most important song they will ever released because it is their invitation to their world, it’s an introduction to themselves and no one has left a bigger impact on me that Joshua Speers. He may’ve only released two songs but he’s managed to craft a sound that enthrals you from start to finish with these beautifully crafted lyrics and atmospheric alt rock sound that has me begging for more every time.

Bad Night was his stellar debut, the anthemic alt rock ballad is truly something special with these evocative and relatable lyrics about embracing our personal fears to be able to overcome them. Then his follow up Happy Birthday You’re Alone, which is one of my favourite tracks of 2019, is a beautifully tragic affair with it taking you through this rollercoaster of emotion with these dizzyingly euphoria inducing highs that make you feel alive and painful lows that fill you with regret.

These two songs are only a small taste of what Joshua Speers is capable of and 2020 looks like it could be the year where he has his own breakout moment. Until then listen to some of his modern day classic below.

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