Augustine is probably one of my favourite artist to come out of 2019 because of his everlasting sound and celestial vocal that manages to hit high notes that sends shivers down my spine instantaneously. This year has been a fantastic year for him, with the release of his debut EP, being signed to Genesis Records, nominated for Pop of the Year by a Swedish Radio P3 and it all started through the release of a song he recorded on his laptop, anything can be achieved with music.

Luzon started off his journey with the track still packing an emotional punch even after all these months with his emotive vocals adding this majestic weight to them as well as their magnetising quirkiness that gives the track that extra bit of charm. A Scent of a Lily came next, which was inspired by an Ariana Grande song with a cinematic soundscape mixed with melancholy synths adding an extra kick to the tracks and storytelling lyrics. Then the Wishful Thinking EP that was a masterclass in songwriting of the highest order, honestly he’s just made 2019 a year he’s never going to forget.

If he can do all this in one year I have no doubt in my mind that he’ll do even more in 2020 with his sound that captivates, enchants and leaves you begging for more. Check out his fully discography below!

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