There are times when you listen to music and you feel like you’re listening to something more than just a song. You get transported to a whole new world where you’re just standing in the middle of an empty field late at night with with a breeze blowing and the stars shining down on you and everything feels infinite. That is exactly the feeling you get when you’re listening to Joshua Speer’s debut track.

The anthemic alt rock ballad Bad Night is truly something special. It’s an incredibly genuine track about embracing our personal fears to be able to overcome them and this is expressed no better than the finale of the track where everything comes together for a climatic and euphoric finish. Filled with honest yet heartfelt lyrics, a soaring production (courtesy of Lars Stalfors) that captures the intimate meaning of the track perfectly and a mesmerising vocal that takes you by the hand and guides you on captivating journey with him.

Everything about this track feels like a moment, this includes the strikingly beautiful music video directed by Fraser Jones, and can only be described as the perfect debut from this artist. Joshua Speers is certainly an extraordinary talent.

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