Sody is one of those rare pop talents that continues to astound me. She was only 15 when she dropped her first track Sorry that made our jaws collectively drop. She then signed with a major label and came out with the raw, emotive and stirring ballad Maybe It Was Me three years later and announced to the music world that she was a future star in the making and artist to be reckoned with.

Her follow up track Let You Know continues to build upon her emotionally enthralling style of pop music with an enticing yet tender piano melody leading the track and atmospheric orchestra creating a sense of isolation to the track. Sody captures her own isolation and heartbreak to create music where you feel the overwhelming levels of emotion that captivates you and allows you to go on a journey with her. You feel her desperation, you know her insecurities, you understand the battle within her mind, you feel everything that she feels.

With each of her tracks being stirring pop masterpieces and her also being rumoured to be releasing an EP in early next year, it looks as though 2019 will be the year of Sody. She is certainly an artist to be keep your eye on.

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