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Over the years Janet Devlin has proven to be an phenomenal songwriter. She’s managed  write tender and sorrowful tracks about her own heartbreak like Nothing Lost Something Found, self deprecating and humorous tracks about modern life like Outernet Song and Christmas tracks that I’ve listened to every year like Merry Christmas Mum & Dad, which will make your parents cry.

Today she’s released a new single, almost two years after her previous release, called I Lied To You that combines Devlin’s ethereal with a orchestra to create an intimate atmosphere that makes it feel as if she is confessing these painful secrets personally to you. This makes sense considering the track was originally written as a poem to help her during a difficult period in her life when she was struggling with addiction and self destructive behaviours. In Devlin’s words, “I Lied To You is quite simply an apology to the ones I love.” 

The sheer amount of honest she has put into this track is testament to her artistry. It’s a song can and will resonate with people who’ve lied and hurt the ones they love in the past with the captivating emotion Janet Devlin delivers and cements her position as an extraordinary talent.

The track wasn’t hard to write. It was really just a statement, the evidence that I’d been untrue. I’m blessed to have such wonderful family, friends and fans that I couldn’t live with my dishonesty or move past it any more. I needed to be exonerated for my wrongs and I had to take the opportunity to confess and ask for forgiveness.” – Janet Devlin

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