In the modern era of music we are getting so many ridiculously creative artists coming out with not only outstanding pieces of music but also some strikingly beautiful music videos as well. The latest person who can be added to this list is Dorian Electra and their latest track Man To Man, a song about tackling toxic masculinity and wanting to change the meaning of the word masculinity as well.

The swirling synth pop track has an irresistibly catchy hook, an array of shimmering synths, a luscious melody and a vocal that is reminiscent of Christine & The Queens. However the highlight of the track is the lyrics focusing on the issues surrounding toxic masculinity with them dancing the fine line between satirical and serious perfectly. The chorus sees Electra cooing one of the best lyrics, “Are you man enough to soften up? / Are you tough enough to open up?” that juxtapositions the terrible old phrase, are you man enough, and turns it into something more positive.

The music video was co-produced, co-directed and styled by Electra, a mammoth task to undertake, but the final outcome is a work of art. Electra plays the part of a cliches male effortlessly as they go through different eras fashion styles to convey the past, present and what could be the future in terms of this issue. Each shot is gorgeous to look at and Electra really outdid themselves with the aesthetics of this video.

Dorian Electra is a modern pop star unlike any other.

“Being courageous enough to be honest, tender, straightforward, intimate, sensitive, and kind. In a society that constantly tells people to ‘man up,’ men are forced to reject anything deemed ‘feminine’—emotion, vulnerability, and openness—which leads to a broken approach to conflict resolution. This sort of misdirected aggression also mirrors a rise in unproductive, online discourse that only seeks to attack and punish, rather than rehabilitate and discuss. In both instances, we viciously critique others thanks to the masks provided to us by the facade of masculinity and the anonymity of the internet.” – Dorian Electra

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