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Skip Curtis releases euphoric pop anthem “Wild Love”


If the vocal of Skip Curtis seems familiar to you then you might know him from the acclaimed electronic pop band XY&O. Before anyone starts panicking, the band haven’t broken up, this is Curtis’s solo project and he certainly gets things off to a flying start with his soaring debut track.

Wild Love can only be described as euphoric pop anthem with the jubilant guitar melodies ever present throughout the track, animated drum beats that will get your feet tapping and  the intoxicating vocals that are filled with such energy that it’s hard not to get up and dance. Wild Love is just one of those songs that can change someones moods in an instant, it can make a cloudy day feel sunny, make a stressful day feel relaxing and change your mood from sad to happy immediately.

This is a exuberant pop track that introduces Skip Curtis as a solo artist to the world and if you do enjoy his music then you should go check out XY&O as well.

Connect with Skip Curtis: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

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