The Ensemble #3

Another week another time to dive into the latest Ensemble as we take a look at some of absolutely cracking tracks that you might’ve missed on this New Music Friday. A few utter bangers went under the radar so what better way to share them all with you?

Lu$ – Moody

The 20 year old songstress Lu$ truly went above and beyond with her debut EP with fiery vocal, passionate lyricisms and emotionally invigorating performances all being shown off in the best ways imaginable. The title track from EP Moody is about being caught in your feelings and taking time for yourself to heal as she explains, “We aren’t happy all of the time, sometimes we are sad for no reason. We don’t owe explanations to anyone for the way we feel. Everything will be fine.” It feels like a song that could featured in any James Bond movie an instant hit with the brassy undertones in the production and her divine vocal performance being awe-inspiring from start to finish. If you love the track then dive into her whole EP, it’s totally worth it.

IdleGod – Tremors

If you’re a fan of music that’s a bit on the experimental side then IdleGod is the act for you with their music fusing shimmering summer synth melodies with raw guitar melodies all wrapped up in some classic pop sensibilities to creates a unique soundscape that will have you captivated from start to finish. The song itself focuses on conflicting personality traits and bringing them together to create something more within your life and the cacophony of beauty that is the production reflects this perfectly with the clashing elements all coming together to create something much more. It’s weird, it’s different and it’s pure organised madness at its finest.

Pillow Queens – Handsome Wife

Just gonna say it right now that Pillow Queens is one of my favourite band names around and on top of that the Irish band are producing some of my favourite indie rock songs as well. Handsome Wife is a raw almost grungy affair with an electrifying energy to it, mainly from the exhilarating guitar solos throughout the piece, whilst also having an uplifting atmosphere that manages to put a smile on my face every time I listen to it. Combine that with the lyrics carrying a message of togetherness whilst simultaneously looking back the mundane moments of contact we once would forget in a heartbeat now crave to relive once again and you’ve got another stellar single from Ireland’s premier indie rock queens.

FEM – Light

FEM is the new project from Japanese artist Cuushe, whom you might know from her lush electronica tracks, with her sound being reminiscent of Julianna Barwick mixed with The 1975’s instrumental tracks whilst also carrying some J-Pop sensibilities. She debuts her new project with the track Light with her replacing the electronica backing with hazy guitar melodies and looping drum beats giving this a lo-fi dream pop feel that manages to make all your worries melt away from your body and transport you to another world entirely with her humble vocal being your guide. It keeps the sensibilities of her old sound whilst leaping into new innovative territories.

Calica & Magdalena Bay – Superficial Love

When you get two upcoming pop acts who’ve already been killing the game with their insatiable hooks, addictive melodies and glistening synth beats to collaborate on a track together then you know you’re going to get something grand. Superficial Love is sickeningly sweet bubblegum pop that was made for the summer months with it being adorned with a sun kissed production and a scintillating atmosphere making it perfect for long summer drives or days down at the beach chilling out in the sun. Along with all that you’ve got the beguiling vocals that float effortlessly over it all making it feel like flying through the air as you listen. Add this one to your summer playlists ASAP.

Dua Saleh – Smut

Whatever type of music you’re into right now we highly recommend stopping whatever you’re doing and diving head first into Dua Saleh’s latest EP ROSETTA as it’s a masterclass in storytelling, musicianship and an all around spellbinding project from the Sudanese American. The track that stood out to me the most was the track Smut though with the track going from English to Arabic in a subtle switch that is brilliant to behold as the distorted guitars provide the perfect backdrop for their vocals to go across. Check this track out but then dive into their EP and explore Saleh’s journey of being queer in a strict Muslim household.

LEX – Stand Up

Lex is best sound is best described as an old soul being released with a young persons perspective with her evocative lyricisms and passionate vocal display being well beyond her years. Her latest single Stand Up is a short affair but takes us on a wonderful journey on the back of a Jazz Hop production that creates a level of ambience you don’t see that often from a lot of modern day musicians but also a compelling message to go along with it. She explains that, “Initially, ‘Stand Up’ wasn’t set to release for another couple months, but with everything going on in the world today, I wanted to put it out now. In a time of nationwide unrest, we all have to stand up for what is right, acknowledge what is wrong, and rise up together in search for justice.” It’s emotive, it’s powerful and she’ll be donating a portion of the sales to the NAACP’s Legal Defence and Educational Fund, Inc, so go and buy this now, it’s more that worth it.

Stevan – Compromise

We end our latest instalment of The Ensemble with Stevan and honestly this guy just has something about his sound that makes you fall head over heels for his music in away that not many people are able to do. He just released his Just Kids mixtape, genuinely a beautiful project, and one track that I’ve been listening to on repeat this weekend has been Compromise with his tranquil vocal melting into the balmy production creating a harmonious soundscape that was designed for lazy afternoons in the sun. Recommend listening to the whole mixtape once you’re done listening to this as it’s a stellar body of work to say the very least.

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