Trafton – Hyperreal


Dark pop is a genre that has been growing in popularity as of late with so many artists attempting to capture the haunting vibe that made it such a popular genre to begin with but it is rare you see someone tackle the genre as well as Trafton has. He was introduced to us with his last track Risk, which has a beautifully shot video to go along with it, that left us wondering what this young artist would be able to do next.

Today he has answered those questions in absolute style with his hauntingly brilliant track Hyperreal. The main star of the show is the haunting atmosphere that is created through these deeps beats and the soul-stirring vocals from Trafton that have an emotive quality to them in this track the sends chills down my spine, especially when he sings the hook, “You’re not hyperreal.” The track builds throughout with it starting with a soft bass line that soon builds up into a climatic finale that makes you want to go back and listen to the track over and over again.

Trafton just has a certain quality surrounding his music that makes it mesmerising to listen to. It’s the same quality that Lorde has, it’s the same quality The Weeknd has, the dark nature mixed with a pop sensibility that just mesmerises you. We highly recommend listening to the whole of his discography as he has produced nothing but quality tracks and we’re happy to premiere this track.

“I cowrote and coproduced Hyperreal with my friend Luke, who also lives in New York.  The idea of the song was created in Luke’s apartment. After we had dinner, we went back to his apartment where we talked for a while and messed around with some music until we landed on the thought that grew to be Hyperreal. It’s the idea of building someone up inside your head to be much more than they truly are. It’s letting yourself believe in an idealized image or romanticization of that person, maybe who you hoped they were or who they may have seemed to be at one time.” – Trafton

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