Something shifted when J $ENSEI released “CHIKI BABY”. It’s no surprise — his catalog has always been top-notch. But “CHIKI BABY” takes his discography to the next level. It’s remarkable enough to make the world stop. 

You know that feeling when you’re in the bathroom at a party? The music outside is muffled and the LED lights give your face a violet glow. You’re looking at yourself in the mirror dazed and confused. Still, you leave the bathroom and slowly dance the night away, even though you won’t remember it tomorrow. As soon as the song starts, “CHIKI BABY” reminds you of that feeling. This song is intoxicating. 

J $ENSEI didn’t lie when he said, “she gon’ dance in the mirror,” because that’s exactly what this song is perfect for. If you love admiring yourself in the mirror while you sway to your favorite tunes, add this song to your playlist. 

The electrifying guitar and hypnotizing synths send waves of euphoria throughout your body. It gives the song a futuristic feel. I can imagine this song being on the soundtrack of a movie set in a high-tech utopian city. J $ENSEI’s voice is stellar, too. It has a unique, mesmerizing tone perfect for the alternative pop style. Everything about this song is impressively high quality. 

This is J $ENSEI’s first release of the year, and it couldn’t be any better.

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