PREMIERE: KAKI – Don’t Want You

Creating compelling music that moves people is impressive on its own, but to flawlessly complement that music with stunning visuals can only mean one thing: you’re a star. That’s exactly what rising pop singer, KAKI, is — a budding star ready to take over the world. Earlier this year, she released her single, “Like I Want You”, and it was a powerhouse track. Her strong vocals and lively vibe captured the attention of many. Now, she’s showing us a different side of herself with her new release, “Don’t Want You.” Still a powerful song, “Don’t Want You” captures the more emotional side of the artist. It’s a passionate ballad that progressively gets more intense as you listen. KAKI didn’t miss the mark with this track; both the song and the music video are grand enough to be worth your time. 

We all know that feeling when sadness grows into something more significant. This larger feeling could be anger, acceptance, or even a mix of both. It can overtake you, but it feels like a burden has been lifted off you when it passes. KAKI captures this emotion both sonically and visually. At the start of the track, you may believe that it’s just another sappy slow song. But by the end, you’ll be screaming at the top of your lungs letting all your emotions out, disproving that previous notion. This build-up from a slow ballad to a strong pop-rock track makes the song stand out as something special. 

Illuminated in shades of violet and pink, the music video for “Don’t Want You” perfectly encapsulates the sentimental aura created by the song. From tearing pages out of a diary to picking petals off a flower, we completely understand the emotional journey that KAKI is sharing with us. There’s nothing better than a music video that excellently translates the song into a cinematic masterpiece. 

Once again, KAKI blows us away with her artistry. Her work continues to improve as time goes on, and “Don’t Want You” is proof of that