Nate Maran – INDIE KIDS

I remember back in the early 2010’s when being an indie kid was considered to be incredibly uncool. There’d be countless jokes about going against the mainstream, drinking oat milk, and trying to be different, which is quite ironic now considering everyone seems to be doing each one of those things. It was rarely ever embraced but gen z have taken this culture under its wing, developing it further than ever before, helping support small artists, performers and other businesses unlike ever before. That’s probably why I can see Nate Maran’s latest drop being put on countless playlists, and featuring in a couple of teen movies.

INDIE KIDS is just fun. That’s the best way of describing it. The electrifying guitar melodies raise your spirits, easily putting a smile on your face, with Maran’s talk-style vocals having a chilled level of charisma that reflects the culture effortlessly. I can envision a group of friends in their car, windows down, blaring this out at full volume on the way to a Nate Maran gig, honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened in the near future too. Easily something I’m gonna be playing on repeat for the next few weeks.

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