Haux – Calico

Haux is an artist who wears his emotions on his sleeve, every time you listen to his music there’s a raw realness to it that makes ever word seem so believable and passionate. He’s able to paint a picture through his effortless story telling, celestial vocal performance and poignant lyricism that is unmatched within this genre as he shows with the release of the emotionally evocative yet tender Calico.

“I wrote ‘Calico’ in a kind of daze one day last March,” he explains. “I lost my phone when I was writing the album and had forgotten to back up my voicemails, including one from my aunt calling to say happy birthday. It was one of the last times I heard from her before she died from an overdose. Losing it felt like I somehow lost my last connection to her, which triggered a very strange and confused grieving process for me. From this I wrote ‘Calico,’ and I couldn’t help but feel like this song was maybe my last time with her—like the song itself was my aunt’s final resting place in my mind.”

It’s a beautifully intimate track about handling the loss of someone with a soft guitar melody leading the evocative sound before letting the cascading emotions flow throughout. Every word hits hard here, the lyrics are pure poetry and Haux’s vulnerable vocal delivers his own personal anguish that feels like he’s personally confiding in you his grief. If you’ve lost someone close to you then this track will hit home.

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