Augustine – Mary Cookins

There’s a magical cinematic quality that surrounds Augustine’s music. A divine aura that sweeps you away into a spellbound state with the majesty of his melodies, the elegance of his lyricisms, and celestial voice leaving you in awe. His music is best described as therapy, you enter unsure in a dark place and leave feeling alive once again.

It’s been a little over a year since he last swept us off our feet with the grandeur debut album Weeks Above The Earth, and we’ve been patiently waiting for him to return. His sun-kissed production blending together with his dreamy sound have finally returned today, bringing his bittersweet visions of love back to the forefront.

Mary Cookins is a sonorous single, with his lush blend of heavenly falsettos, funk driven 70’s melodies, and playful soundscapes being brought to the forefront. The warm strings caress you with a lullaby quality that lets you fall into a trance, hypnotised by his enigmatic storytelling as he exposes a sense of duality through a split personality that swings between careless and anxious. It’s poetry in motion, giving vivid flashbacks to Bob Dylan but pulling him into the 21st century. Hitting that sweet spot between retro and modern in the process.

There’s only one way to describe Augustine’s music, and that is timeless.

“This was the first song that came to me in this album process and we had so much fun making it in a little cabin in the south of Sweden. Everything just fell into place and I felt like it marked a new beginning after a break from the studio.” 

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