The Australian duo LOVELOVELOVE offer you the unmistakable feeling of utter joy with every single they drop. Blurring the lines between the complexities surrounding human emotion, and our connection with one another, they’ve created a sound that’s meaningful but jubilant at the same time. You dive into their discography and you’re usually met with a somber production, but what makes them masters at their craft is how they flip the script. Whilst the soundscape carries a melancholy undertone, there’s a joyous aura that radiates as their warm voices float over the airwaves. That’s the simple beauty of their music, they take sadness and make you feel happy that you’re alive to experience it.

There latest drop ULTRAVIOLET is a testament to this, being reminiscent of The 1975 mixed with a bit of Joji’s emotional vocal impact. Warmth radiates from this track like the sun, matching the feeling of slowly falling in love, gradually feeling your body get warmer and warmer as the butterflies flutter around your stomach. The vibrant melodies melt into the lush vocal tone, creating a harmonious bond that’s akin to falling head over heels in love. LOVELOVELOVE is a very apt name for this duo because I love love love this sound.

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