Laeland – Now and Then

When the temperatures start to drop I always feel like emotional yet gentle lo-fi tracks fit the vibe so well. Now and Then from lo-fi producer Laeland showcases a beautifully soft guitar instrumental that ties everything together. The lyrics are clearly emotionally driven and you can see Laeland using music as a way to express himself in an open and creative manner. 

This single reminds me of something found in a soundtrack, at the point where the main character has a sort of revelation that they’ve got to do things by themselves. The lyrics embody the essence of a breakup but with a sense that in the end, it’ll be fine. Laeland has found a way to sonically represent the word solitude with music and lyrics “You push me out for him / Just left me out again / I’ll be your now and then / I’ll be your now and then”. It feels lonely yet comforting at the same time.  

The soft tone of Laelands voice gives a feeling of sympathy and reassurance. For listeners who can relate to the contents of the single, it’s as if he’s letting everyone know they aren’t alone. Often times people feel they are the only ones going through a difficult time, by being vulnerable in his music Laeland helps dissolve this mindset. Many of Laelands tracks are known to give fans a catalyst for self-help, and the ability to share their own heartbreaks or come to terms with difficult moments. 

Laeland has had some highly successful tracks so far such as “I’m in love but…”, “summer nights”, and “I don’t mind” amounting to millions of streams in collaboration with fellow artists and close friends Snøw, Skinny Atlas, and more. He is truly such a talent and gem in the world of production, and all things musical. I’m excited to see where his career continues to grow, he’s got a lowkey vibe yet he’s probably had a hand in tracks you’ve got in your favorites already.

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