Carlie Hanson – Illusion


Carlie Hanson has a knack for creating contemplative yet instantly recognisable music. Pouring out her own unfiltered thoughts onto an introspective backdrop that let’s the audience feel the full brunt of her emotionally charged lyrics. Her brand of pop ranges from foot tappers that effortlessly entice your body to sway to the rhythm, to the most somber numbers that allow you to find a place of solace within her elegantly crafted words. Today it’s a mix of both, with a production containing a propelling beat that’s hard to resist and ruminative lyrics that could be straight from a journal entry.

Illusion is Hanson facing the fantasies she had on what fulfilling her dream would entail, and realising the jarring realities that come with it. She creatively explores this through a sublime vocal performance, balancing the euphoria she’s experiencing of succeeding but also the melancholia of what this level of fame can bring. The verses remain stripped back with a minimal production, letting the tender-penned lyrics bridge the gap between her oscillating emotions as she moves to a striking chorus where she lets that pain out. Hanson balances the good and the bad with expert precision, and with a 10/10 visual tying it all together, it’s clear to see her success is only going to grow.

Must Read