Ever since Transviolet released their debut track, Girls Your Age, they’ve been on a roll releasing spectacular song after spectacular song. With the likes of New Bohemia and Pretty Head still on heavy rotation on our office music playlist and I can’t see that changing for along time to come. Now they’ve released their EP Valley, highly worth checking out, and to welcome the EP with a bang they’ve released a music video for a new track.

The track, Small Victory, is about finding the bright side of the small victories we have through everyday life when we’re having a horrible time, be it finding some spare change in your couch, waking up and realising you hair is looking perfect or even winning a game of bowling. The latter is what Transviolet focus on within their music video with the foursome dressed in purple tracksuits, we hope that’s their new tour outfit, focusing on winning an 80’s bowling tournament with smack talk and dance numbers all included. It’s just the perfect video for this track with the fun nature of the track and their finest synchronised choreography giving you these feel good vibes that just make you want to smile throughout the whole track.

If you’re a fan of this I’d highly recommend listening to their EP Valley as it is filled with upbeat glorious tracks like Undo whilst also focusing on some emotional moments with tender ballads like Long Shot. If you end up falling in love then it might be worth trying to catch Dua Lipa at Wallingford, Connecticut as they will be her opening act.

“Three things we love: we love to make music, we love to dance, and we also love competitive bowling. Naturally, while brainstorming for the Small Victory video it was quickly decided that we would pay tribute to all the long hours spent in the bowling alley, while peppering in some of our finest dance routines. This video was so much fun to make, and we hope that you enjoy it almost as much as Mikepan enjoys a nice pair of bowling shoes.” – Transviolet

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