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MAY releases the heart-achingly beautiful “Baby Save Me Tonight” that will comfort you during your painful times


Earlier this year MAY released Falling, a track that gave me with goosebumps and left me completely in awe over her mesmerising vocal and outstanding musical ability. She thrives in creating emotionally enthralling music that takes you on a journey where my the end you’re on the floor crying your eyes out in a puddle of your own tears. No amount of tissues can prepare you for her music.

Her latest track can only be described as poetry with deeply emotive lyrics that display a level of honesty that is not common amongst many artists. Baby Save Me Tonight has a style that is reminiscent of classic jazz songs with an effortless vocal tone to match along with a cinematic quality that the likes of Lana Del Rey would be proud of creating. All of this comes together to create a track that has a timeless quality to it that makes it song that is the perfect song to comfort you during your painful times.

“I began to write Baby Save Me Tonight in L.A. as a chorus to another song and Dave Hamelin, who I ended up co-writing it with, sent it back to me and said, “no, this is the song.”. Months later when I was in Montreal with him we sat down to finish it and it just poured out… I have so many more verses the song could have gone on forever… We drank whiskey, we laughed, we cried. We talked about our love for Leonard Cohen, who just so happened to used to live down the street from where we were writing. Everything about the making of this song is filled with happy memories.” – MAY

Connect with MAY: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify


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