One thing that always amazes me about Lupa J is that she released her first track when she was sixteen. When I was that age I was just beginning to figure out my xylophone career wasn’t going to take off and she was releasing experimental pop music that was consistently mesmerising and on top of that she was also a classically trained violinist. I think it’s safe to say music is in her blood, sweat and tears.

Today she’s dropped a brand to experimental masterpiece called Drift that is reminiscent of the likes of FKA Twigs and Grimes with the ominous atmosphere combined with the quirky vocals that add certain enchanting element to the track. Then you have the storytelling manner in her track that feels almost fairytale like mixed with the deep electronic beats creating a marvellous juxtaposition. A true heroine of experimental pop, or goth dream pop as she calls it, and someone who I believe deserves her moment in the sun.

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