It’s rare you hear such a feel good alternative pop track that you cannot but smile throughout the entirety of it and before the song reaches the end you find yourself happily singing along to the hook. This new track is from Miya Folick’s upcoming debut album, Premonitions, that is co-produced with Justin Raisen (Charli XCX and Angel Olsen) and all I know is this track has made me want to buy that album ASAP.

Stop Talking is an eclectic alternative pop jam with a groovy beat that is giving me classic funk vibes mixed with a bubbly vocal display, an ear worm of a chorus that is very reminiscent of Charli XCX and loveable lyrics, my personal favourite is, “Sound like a pathetic parrot repeating, Polly wanna cracker til it eats so many crackers that it’s dead.” The track itself is about telling a friend how their behaviour isn’t going to help them and how thinking about this boy so often will soon lead to her becoming too dependent on this boy until it’s all that consumes her. I could gush praise of this song and artist all day long but all I know is I’ll be buying her album when it comes out.

“This record was a deliberate response to the heaviness that everyone’s feeling. Every day there’s something new to be incensed about and if you’re not angry, then you’re not paying attention. But if you live with that anger every day, you will become sick. I don’t like to make hopeless songs.” – Miya Folick

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