I remember years ago when I heard High, the debut single of Young Rising Sons, and fell in love with their uplifting sound and fresh take of indie pop. Since then they’ve been developing their sound by adding rock elements to it with tracks like Fucked Up and even applying the sound to sports anthems like Undefeatable, genuinely a track I still sing at the start of every football season. It’s hard not to feel pumped and excited when you hear their music.

The band have recently dropped a new single in the form of Scatterbrain, an uplifting pop rock track that is actually perfect for running to, I tested that out this morning. With the infectious melody that’s perfect for cheering anyone up, playful lyrics, powerful vocals that come alive in the chorus, gritty guitars and an 80’s vibe that will just put a smile on your face. Young Rising Sons are the sun shining through on a cloudy day, they can make you feel a joyous emotion even when you feel as though you can’t.

“It’s the byproduct of being an emotional hoarder and carrying baggage that you know you shouldn’t. Scatterbrain is about trying to balance the outside work when you’re living inside your head.” – Young Rising Sons

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