Honestly it’s hard not to fall in love with Florida native Emily Zeck’s brand of happy pop music. Her last release Avocado Toast can only be described as the millennial pop anthem with lovely flourishes of tropical sounds added for that wonderful summer vibe. Her music is like a tropical escape that you listen to once and you’re desperate to go back for more, which makes sense considering her love for surfing and tropical places in the world.

Now she’s released a new track that sees her move away from her usual happy sound as she delivers an honest emotional performance in Give It All. The track delves into a subject that a lot of us can relate to where we fall in love with someone so deeply that we want our lives to intertwine with each other but things change and they decide they would rather have two separate lives than one with you. Zeck’s lyrics are incredibly personal, painting the picture of her own personal tale with an beautiful palette of soft synths and soothing guitars. An astounding track that should leave you breathless.

“It’s 100% honest, vulnerable, and real. It feels like reading pages from my diary on National TV lol. I wrote this just a few weeks ago with two really amazing friends who sat and listened to me pour my heart out, and then helped and encouraged me to put it into a song.” – Emily Zeck

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