She’s been one to watch for a while now and with every release Gabriella Vixen looks like one of the strongest young stars leading pop music into the future. She’d previously released two tracks called Golden and Maybe and both of them have demonstrated her ability to create tracks that both showcase her mature writing style and her powerful pop vocal that is addictive to listen to.

She recently released her third single Old Mistake that focuses on the narrative of not making the same old mistake of going back to an ex friend or partner who has previously done you wrong. You have that brief moment where you feel warm as you think back on the memories you’ve shared before you realise they’ve had way too many chance and how you deserve better. It’s something all of us can relate to at one time or another and Gabriella Vixen has managed to put these memories effortlessly into a song with a punchy hooks, a sassy vocal and a killer production from Eddie Serafica that all together make this track unmissable.

“Everyone should be able to relate to that moment you bump into someone who you have a past with.¬†Through out my third single I write with my friend, Pippa Glenn, about finding the strength to know that ex friend, ex partner has had more than enough chances and you will not make the same Old Mistake.” – Gabriella Vixen

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