When I was 17 I was just making my way through college after realising my dream of being a xylophone player looked to be shattered. Then you have Sweden’s very own Tilda Austen who’s able to write pop anthems, be labeled as Sweden’s next big thing and be able to talk about love and relationships in away most adults can’t even handle. It’s safe to say she’s got something special.

Her latest glorious synth pop track Bail that can only be described as a bop. The track immediately gives me classic 90’s vibes with the harmonies in the chorus on top of the shimmering synths that give this track an irritable beat that will have your head nodding and your foot tapping through the whole track. Along with all that Austen’s voice has a laidback tone that allows her vocal to glide across the synths with absolute ease.

The track itself is about how most relationships, unfortunately, have an expiration date. Whether it be the two of you beginning to fight more, not wanting to spend any of your time with one another or just feeling nothing for them anymore. It’s something a lot of people have dealt with and Austen has addressed it with a mature yet somewhat hopeful outlook on the situation that many of us would miss. A singer who looks set to set the world alight with her brand of pop music.

“The song is about how relationships sometimes have a best before date. Maybe it’s as simple as going with the flow and breaking up when things just doesn’t feel right anymore, instead of trying to fight for something that doesn’t even exist. I think we often try to love someone because we are longing for it, even though it doesn’t click for real. We should enjoy it while it lasts and try not to take things too seriously, they think their whole life is depended on it.” – Tilda Austen

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