I can still remember all those years ago when I first heard the debut single of Sody and fell in love with her brand of pop music. She was able to have so much sass in her vocal and at the age of 16 craft songs that were well beyond her years. Now in 2018 she has returned with a track that announce to the pop world that she is a force to be reckoned with.

Maybe It Was Me starts off with an atmospheric piano build up followed by the entrancing vocals of Sody that over time have matured like a fine wine with her being able to deliver a ludicrous amount of emotion in every word she sings. The track has an elegant feel to it with the soft orchestral sounds that come towards the end along with an ambience that adds a tender layer to the track giving it a melancholy vibe.

This track delves into a past relationship of Sody where she reflects and realises that maybe towards the end she wasn’t as accepting as she could’ve been. From this she has managed to capture all that joy of your first love and the devastating low you feel soon after the relationship has ended. It’s something a lot of us have never been able to put into words but Sody has managed it with ease, showcasing why she is an artist to always keep an eye on.

“The song is about my first ever boyfriend who is still one of my friends now. It’s me reflecting on the relationship and accepting that maybe I wasn’t as kind and mindful as I could have been. It’s a sort of apology for my actions. I wanted a video that could capture the honesty of the song. Just simple, beautiful and without the distraction of narratives or over-thinking.” – Sody

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