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“Motherland” sees Koko Clay write about her Congolese heritage


Now Koko Clay has been known for being quite experimental within her music and I think that’s something I truly admire about her. She is constantly experimenting with new music styles in an exciting way so you never know what type of music you’re going to get from her, but her latest track shows a major change in her sound that I personally cannot get enough of.

The track Motherland sees Clay fuse varied genres together ranging from traditional synth pop and house all the way to afrobeat and gospel to create a unique sound that is immediately fresh and exciting to hear. Combine that with the flawless vocal display from Clay and you’ve got a track that is addictive listen to and demonstrates her great production and writing capabilities.

The track itself is about Clay’s Congolese heritage where she focuses on a fictitious tale about a young girl growing up in the streets of Kinshasa, the capital city of said country, hence the title of the track being Motherland. Her ability to write lyrics reflecting on this is superb and when you contrast this with her upbringing in France then it is even more impressive. A truly beautiful track that is well worth a listen.

Connect with Koko Clay: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

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