Tayo Sound – Heartbreaker

I remember hearing people discuss Tayo Sound a few years ago when his track Yes or No came out, it caught the attention of a lot of music publications and record labels to match. Two years later he came out with his now official debut single Cold Feet that showed off the unique tone her carries with his voice and the melodic soundscape he crafts for his sound. Now he’s come out with his follow up single Heartbreaker and, as expected, it’s another sensational track.

“‘Heartbreaker’ came after a long day in the studio,” Tayo Sound begins to explain. “We thought we were done but then Courage started playing this beat and I knew straight away it was gonna be a really special track. We had to stay and finish it and ‘Heartbreaker’ was born. I was lucky enough to have George Fitzgerald also add some of his production skills, which was sick as I love his artist project and it just added that final something to the song.”

With swooning melodies, an enticing vocal presence and buoyant production it’s hard not to find yourself nodding your head along to this track. Seriously the Nigerian-Scottish songwriter just has a way of creating music that is damn near irresistible, it takes over your body with it’s intoxicating rhythm and soon you can’t imagine yourself listening to anything else. It’s easy to see why he’s been labeled one of the UK’s next big artists.

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