XINCLAIR – come and see

XINCLAIR is a very forthright songwriter, being able to weave a tale in a plane spoken manner that is the equivalent of a friend simply talking to you about their day. Because of this it makes his songs all the more relatable with no talking down to the listener or disguising his feelings through a myriad of cleverly worded metaphors that would go straight over my head. This can make tackling more difficult subject matter a bit tricky by he manages to do it with ease in come and see that revolves around a girl being raised in a newly divorced household.

You become a fly on the wall to this girl’s journey. Moving from the hustle and bustle of the big city to a small rural town, leaving all of her friends behind as well as everything that was home to her and trying to deal with this intense situation at the same time. It’s a rough time that XINCLAIR tackles with a nuanced sense of honesty. He doesn’t hide the fact that they’re being difficult with the parents and making harder on them, but he’s also open in saying that anyone in the same position would likely do the same. His voice is filled with passion, the looping production is simple but helps put focus on the story as a result and the lyrics are the cherry on top.

Must Read